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Man 2 Jember is a transfer of function from PGAN Jember, in accordance with the Decree of the Minister of Religion Number: 42 of 1992 Date: January 27, 1992 PGAN Jember effective July 1, 1992 changed its function changed to Madrasah Aliyah Negeri 2 Jember. Since the establishment of this institution under the Ministry of Religion, it has always innovated and improvised in line with the thunderous development of the world of education in the country. From the old inscriptions and documentation, the map of the journey so that it became MAN 2 can be stated as follows :

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1. In 1950, the Minister of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia, which at that time was held by: KH. Muhammad Dahlan, founded a school which was named Jember State Religious Teacher Education, with the Minister of Religion Decree number: 195/A/C.9/1950, dated December 27, 1950, where he studied in the SMI (Islamic High School) building located on Jalan KH. Siddiq number 200, Talangsari Jember.
2. In 1951 it changed to PGAP Negeri and the place was moved to SMPN 1 Jember (Jl. Kartini) until 1954.
3. In 1954, he moved to SGB (School of State Teachers, Jalan Kartini) now at SMK 4 Jember, until 1956.
4. In 1956 moved to STN (State Technical School, Kreongan, near the Lung Hospital, now SMPN 10 Jember but entered the afternoon until 1959 because in the morning the STN itself was used.
5. 1959 until now, occupies his own building (which is currently occupied). Originally named Jalan KH. Agus Salim, but since 1978 it has changed to Jalan Manggar Jember.
6. In 1960 PGAPN changed to PGAN 4 Tahun Jember.
7. The 1964/1965 academic year changed to 6-year PGAN (6 years of study) based on the Minister of Religion’s Decree number 19/1959. So that 4-year PGAN graduates no longer continue to Malang.
8. In 1978 changed to PGAN 3 Years, which took 3 years of study no longer 6 years. ( Decree of the Minister of Religion number 19 of 1978 ) . So that the students of grades I, II and III become MTsN 2 Jember, while grades IV, V and VI become grades I, II and III PGAN.
9. In 1992 changed to MAN 2 Jember (SK Menag No. 42 of 1992 dated January 27, 1992), until now.
10. Meanwhile, the Head of School since its establishment until now has undergone 13 changes to the Head of Madrasah as follows:

1. HARTOJO, SE | 1950 – 1953
3. D.J. ASTRODJOJO | 1954 – 1955
6. MOH. ICHSAN, BA | 1962 -1966
7. DRS. H. ABDUL FATAH. | 1966 – 1979
8. SULHANI, BA | 1979 – 1980
9. CHAMIM, BA | 1980 – 1983
10. DRS. MULYADI | 1983 – 1992
11. SURADJI, BA | 1992 – 1995
12. DRS. HAMDANI | 1995 -2001
13. DRS. ASHADI | 2001- 2009
14. DRS. H. MUSTHOFA | 2010 – 2016
15. DRS. ANWARUDIN, M.Si (Plt) | 2016
16. DRS. H. SUHARNO, M.Pd.I | 2016 – 2018
17. DRS. ANWARUDIN, M.Si (Plt) | 2018 – 2019
18. DRS. H. RIDUWAN | 2020

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It is an honor that the website has been completed with the aim of becoming a place for information on activities at MAN 2 Jember, this portal is also for media information from all members of the MAN 2 Jember community, namely curriculum, student affairs and programs at MAN 2. Regardless of the intent and the purpose of this website, we are aware that in the process and information there are many imperfections. Therefore, with all humility, we invite you to provide yourself as a critic who will later be used as input for further improvements. Because of these shortcomings, we apologize and thank you for all your attention

Drs. H. Riduwan

MAN 2 Jember Principal

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A. Madrasa Vision

The Realization of Quality Madrasah, Globally Competitive and Environmentally Friendly. The indicators for the Vision of MAN 2 Jember are as follows:

  1. Quality Madrasas : Madrasas are able to provide excellent service in academic and non-academic fields.
  2. Globally Competitive : have the capability and competitiveness at regional, national and international levels and master the technology to meet the industrial revolution 4.0 and industrial revolution 5.0 by not leaving Aqeedah (Quran and Hadith).
  3. Environmental insight : Realization of the application of healthy cultural values, clean, healthy and loving environmental behavior.

B. Mission

1. Quality Madrasah.

A. Improving the quality of the teaching and learning process

1. Learning activities are carried out on time, both starting and ending learning activities.

2. Learning activities that favor the needs and development of the academic potential of students.


3. Students and teachers feel happy and comfortable with the learning activities carried out.

4. The teacher always records and monitors the progress of students.

5. The teacher conducts learning activities based on the curriculum, semester program, and lesson plans.

6. Learning activities are carried out with a scientific approach.

7. Learning by developing PAIKEM (active, innovative, creative, effective and fun learning).

8. Learning by developing varied learning strategies, methods and techniques.

9. Learning using various learning media, especially electronic media

10. Learning by utilizing and empowering laboratories intensively and programmed.

11. The teacher carries out an authentic assessment.

12. The teacher carries out remedial and enrichment activities

13. Prepare adequate learning resources (books and other sources)

14. Students achieve learning scores/outcomes greater than the KKM (Minimum Completeness Criteria) that have been set.

15. Report on the results of learning activities (in the form of report cards) on time.

16. The subjects carried out by the teacher are in accordance with the educational background of the teacher.

17. Raising the Madrasah Final Score at least according to the KKM standard

18. Students can be accepted in favorite PTNs.

19. The number of students accepted through SNMPTN has increased.


B. Improving the quality of educators

1. Always on time in carrying out tasks (coming and going home)

2. Fully responsible for the tasks assigned.


3. Follow all the activities carried out by the Madrasa.

4. Carry out properly and correctly all obligations as a Muslim / Muslim.

5. Give and be a good role model (attitude, behavior, personal attitude).

6. Participate and be actively involved in Madrasah development programs.

7. Able to work with anyone

8. Accept willingly, generously, wisely and wisely to the rewards and sanctions given.

9. Minimum teacher qualifications at S-1 level

10. Make learning activity tools every semester (curriculum analysis, semester program, lesson plans, learning activity agenda book, attendance book and student grade list)

11. Able to make learning media (electronic only) and able to actualize it in learning activities

12. Able to use the laboratory programmatically.

13. Mastering techniques for operating electronic learning media (computers/laptops, and other electronic media)

14. Able to compose, implement and analyze assessments

15. Able to compile textbooks/teaching materials/teaching materials and worksheets.

16. Able to excel in guiding students, both in academic and non-academic activity programs.

17. Able and fluent in communicating using a foreign language (English or Arabic).

18. scientific articles, scientific papers

19. Stimulating himself in increasing his rank/employment group.

20. Stimulates himself to always develop his abilities

21. academically, either through formal education programs (S-2), courses and trainings.


C. Improving the quality of education personnel

1. Always on time in carrying out tasks (come and go)

2. Fully responsible for the tasks assigned.

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3. Follow all activities carried out by Madrasah.

4. Carry out properly and correctly all obligations as a Muslim / Muslim.

5. Give and be a good role model (attitude, behavior, personal attitude).
6. Participate and be actively involved in Madrasah development programs.
7. Able to work with anyone.
8. Accept willingly, generously, wisely and wisely to the rewards and sanctions given.
9. Provide good service to students, teachers, students and the community.
10. Complete today’s work thoroughly and not procrastinate.
11. Make a report on all the tasks done.
12. Participate in self-improvement activities (trainings).
13. Improving the quality of education staff (minimum D3 or S1)


D. Improving the quality of extracurricular program services

1. Extracurricular provided according to the interests and talents of various students, both academic and non-academic talents.

2. Involve all students to participate in at least one type of compulsory extracurricular program.

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3. Have a manual or guidebook for the technical implementation of extracurricular activities.

4. Each extracurricular program has a regular work program.

5. Have a daily activity book for each extracurricular program (in the form of activity materials, attendance lists and others)
6. Availability of adequate media/tools for extracurricular activities for each program.
7. Availability of place for each extracurricular activity.
8. Availability of potential tutors for each extracurricular program.
9. Availability of instructors or trainers for each extracurricular program (which requires ).
10. Participate in important events both held within the Ministry of Religion and by other institutions or agencies.
11. Carry out self-ability tests or performances in the madrasa environment which is carried out routinely and programmed.
12. Can get / win in every championship event, at least enter the top 10.
13. Able to show skill/performance in society (as well as self-promotion)
14. Improving the quality of learning strengthening and mentoring programs
15. Carry out student study group activities (in Mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, English, Economics and Arabic subjects on a regular and programmed basis.
16. Carry out intensive guidance activities specifically for national exam subjects.
17 Implementing writing subject modules for study groups.
18. Carrying out writing activities for subject modules for intensive tutoring activities.
19. Carrying out test activities for subjects of the National Examination


2. Globally competitive.

A. Competitive

1. Students Have the ability to think critically, creatively, innovatively, communicate, cooperate, and be confident
2. Carry out tartil Al-Qur’an activities together Carry out dhuha prayer activities.

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3. Carry out congregational midday prayers and Friday prayers
4. Carrying out activities to commemorate Islamic holidays.
5. Increase the activities of shaking hands when entering and leaving.
6. Carry out infaq learning activities once a week (every Friday).
7. Carry out routine and programmed Islamic studies activities.
8. Carrying out activities to intensify the memorization of short letters/juz amma.
9. Carry out memorizing the basic hadiths of daily worship.
10. Consolidation of theories and practices of daily worship (which often exist in the community).
11. Get used to behaving politely and respectfully at school and outside school.
12. Get used to saying greetings when you meet.
13. Carry out preventive activities against actions/activities that are contrary to religion and norms (through sweeping cellphones, checking bags, monitoring order etc.)
14. Instilling an attitude of participating and being proud to own MAN 2 Jember.
15. Instilling a proud attitude to school at MAN 2 Jember.
16. Develop friendship programmatically (can be through certain events), both students and teachers.


B. Global

1. Students Have soft skills and hard skills
2. Students master IT
3. Students can use IT appropriately, on target and on time


3. Environmentally friendly.

1. Fostering a clean living culture.
2. Creating a clean, healthy living environment.

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3. Participate in environmental action activities carried out by the school and outside
4. Building partnership activities or initiating the development of environmental education in schools.
5. Development of the function of existing school support facilities for environmental education.
6. Saving Natural Resources (Electricity, Water, Stationery),
7. Implementing a waste management system development program
8. Cultivate a sense of concern for environmental conservation and prevention of environmental damage have independence in people’s lives.


C. Madrasah Objectives

Referring to the vision and mission of the madrasa, as well as the general goals of secondary education, the objectives of our madrasa in developing this education are as follows:
1. Equating the guidelines between one teacher and another in the same subject, namely RPP, PH questions, because they are still not the same so that the assessment size instrument can be balanced.

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2. Improve the ability of teachers to teach using E learning and drive the literacy movement (GELEM), for example making scientific papers or writing books.
3. Increase loyalty, accountability, and effectiveness of Education Personnel in their work. So that it is not focused on one or two people.
4. Increase the percentage of students carrying out mandatory and sunnah worship according to Islamic teachings in daily life;
5. Increase the percentage of graduates of MAN 2 Jember who are accepted at favorite universities in the district of Jember and its surroundings so that it is achieved according to the A accreditation quota, which is 40%;
6. Raising Madrasah Final Score at least equal to KKM.
7. Achieved achievements in various academic and non-academic competitions at the city level in 2020;
8. Madrasas are able to provide educational support services; Libraries, laboratories, cooperatives, UKS, Guidance and counseling, canteens, mosques to the maximum in 2021;
9. Encouraging students to lead religious activities in community life;
Encouraging students to have sympathy and empathy in environmental conservation and prevention of environmental damage.




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Jalan Manggar No. 72 Desa Gebang Kec. Patrang,

Kabupaten Jember, Jawa Timur. Kode Pos 68117


Monday to Thursday, at 06.30-15.30 WIB

Friday at 06.30-16.00 WIB

Saturday at 06.30-11.00 WIB